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At least 90% of customer reviews have been left unattended. Our cutting-edge AI-Generated Google Review solution steps in to maintain a favorable customer retention rate for you.


We Keep You Engaged

Never turn your back on a customer again! With our AI Generated Google Review solution,
you can rest your worry in investing on a sole individual to manage all your customer
reviews. And our tech does prove to show some added benefits such as:
Improved local SEO

Responding to Google reviews improves SEO and visibility in search results.

Improves Reputation

Responding to Google reviews improves reputation, builds trust and makes your business more appealing.

High Engagement

Responding to Google reviews improves customer engagement, addresses concerns and builds loyalty.


Manage your reviews and reputation simply and promptly

No need to worry about complicated tech, our AI system only requires 3 simple steps to get the job done.

Connect your google business account

As a trusted partner to hundred of people, businesses, & companies, we manage & control their google reviews.

Let us setup the response workflow

We create the automation and do the magic for the Ai to generate responses as per your industry, friendly, professional.

Tada we are done and ready to serve

We will be done within few hours and at this point your review solution is setup and ready for duty.


Let Them Know That You Listen

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that your clients feel heard and remain engaged. Our AI-Generated Google Review System can help you achieve this. Take advantage of automation and sign up today!

Simple AI, Simple Prices

Our services are created to be affordable and accessible for you. That means no hidden costs or weird data sharing practices. By signing up, you will be supporting an innovative business that cares about you.  


What our users say

Your reviews are taken care by us. Leave the hassle to us by subscribing to our product.


“I think the review solution is the right decision, 1 less thing off my calendar”

Jay Sisk

Car Rental Owner, USA


“The lifesaver I would say, Blue Ocean Media approached me at the right time, I love that our business is thinking ahead!”

Allison Ford

Restaurant Owner, AUS


Popular questions answered

At least 90% of customer reviews have been left unattended. Our cutting-
edge AI-Generated Google Review solution steps in to maintain a
favorable customer retention rate for you.
Is this an app?

We don't rely on an app; instead, we connect your account to our system and set up customized workflows to ensure a smooth and efficient review management process. With our innovative approach, you can effortlessly manage your reviews and optimize customer engagement without the need for a separate application.

Do you send SMS or emails to customers for reviews?

Yes we automate so you get messages as A.I does the work for you!

Will I receive a summary of all my reviews via SMS or email?

we automatically send replies to all reviews on your Google Business account.

How much is it?

Pricing starts at 50/month!

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